Little Richard - If You Pick Her Too Hard (She'll Come Out of Tune)

This track is off Little Richard’s "Southern Child" record.  Originally recorded in ‘72, this album was shelved for unexplained reasons.  It was finally released by Rhino in 2005 on The Complete Reprise Recordings comp.  If I had to guess, I imagine it’s because fans expecting a standard Little Richard album wouldn’t know what to do with this one.  The attatched track is slower (and also the one I couldn’t find on the internet, so you’re welcome, internet) and clearly demonstrates Little Richard’s complete lack of understanding of heterosexual lovemaking (“the touch of your back, pressing on my back…” Really LR?) but trust me when I tell you there are a few scorchers on this album. Most notably “Burning Up With Love”. There are a couple of duds too, but whatever, you don’t have to get all judgey about it.  Thanks to my buddy Paul for turning me on to this on a mix he recently made that captured the (unfortunately under-explored) country soul crossover. I wish there was more of it, but thankfully it gave us this.

Editors Note: I couldn’t find a large enough image of the actual cover to attach, but it’s great.  Apparently Reprise brought a cow into his back yard for him to milk.  Check it out. 

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Happy Valentine from the Brobots! 100% vinyl mix for heavy petting.

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Ultimate autumn jam. Just picked up the Time-Lag re-issue of Out of the Bachs…it’s been getting alota table time this past week. This is one of my favorite tracks Tables of Grass Fields.

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William Onyeabor - When the Going is Smooth & Good

EPIC TUESDAYS ARE BACK! Imagine if you will…Kraftwerk decided to pack up their synths, drum machines et al and head down to Nigeria to collaborate with the local popular singers of the 80’s. It’s a tough one to wrap your head around but this nugget of Afro-electro pop will help get you there right quick. William Onyeabor was a fairly well known funk musician in 1970’s Nigeria scoring a few “hits” over the course of that well documented and highly prolific decade. In the 80’s William decided to take a different course. Clearly inspired by the technical achievements of electronic musical equipment makers (Moog, Roland, Linn et al) he holed up in his studio to create a new type of African music. African rhythms and that Nigerian feel can still be heard through his use of almost entirely electronic means but it’s evident that he was also looking to the modern electro sounds coming from the discos and radio of Europe and America for some new inspiration. I’ve been fairly satiated with the glut of African funk, soul and rock reissues over the past few years so when something like this comes along (and I would also recommend Brand New Wayo; a comp of Nigerian disco and boogie from the 80’s) it just stands hairs on the back of my neck. Big up. 

The Lp has recently been reissued and is currently available….Tho I hear it’s already sold out and oop at the label….so git quick kids.


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Carl Carlton - "I Can Feel It"

As usual, Derek’s Daily turned me on to this one ages ago. It’s been stuck on repeat over here lately so I figured that’s my cue to share! Supposedly dude was only 17 when he cut this. 

Dig it brobrothers & sisters!

Artist: Carl Carlton [discography]
Album: ”I Can Feel It” b/w “You’ve Got So Much (To Learn About Love)”
Label: Back Beat 
Year: 1970

Amazon has a best of.

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The Equals - "Michael & The Slipper Tree"

Michael & The Slipper Tree


Michael and his slipper tree.

Slipper tree. Slipper tree. Brand new shoes for you an me!



Also: Eddy Grant

Artist: The Equals
Album: Strike Again
Label: President
Year: 1969

Amazon has a best-of

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